Roberto Reuven Ladijanski

About Reuven Roberto Ladijanski: The Deputy Mayor and Member of the City Council of Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Place Birth: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Date Of Birth: October 9, 1970

Year Of Repatriation To Israel: 1980

Marital Status: Married To Efrat And A Father Of Itay (15) & Mika (13)

Positions And Activities:
2019 Onwards: Deputy Mayor Of Tel Aviv-Yafo, Member Of The Tel Aviv-Yafo City Council Member Of The Local Planning And Construction Committee In Tel Aviv.

An Environment, Sustainability, City Improvement, Urban Nature And Animals Commissioner

Chairperson Of The Environment Committee, Chairperson Of The Urban Nature And Animals Committee, Chairperson Of The Pluralism And Liberalism Promoting Committee.

“Hay-Hilonim Yerukim” (Green Seculars Municipality Party) Faction In The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Founder And Chairperson.

In 2023 Ladijanski Received The Insignia Of The "Order Of Rio Branco". One Of The Highest Honors Offered By The Brazilian Government To People Or Institutions That Stand Out For Their Contributions To Society And The Brazilian Nation.

2008 Onwards: Member Of The Tel Aviv-Yafo City Council (Inter Alia: Member Of The Executive Committee, Member Of The Finance Committee, Member Of The Education Committee).

Membership In Boards Of Directors And Organizations:
2020 Onwards: Chairperson Of The “Shalvat Olam – Kvura Ezrahit Be'Tel Aviv Yafo" (Serenity Of The World – Civil Burial In Tel Aviv-Yafo) Association

2016 Onwards: Member Of The Board Of Directors (NED) Of ACUM Company.

2019-2021: Acting Chairperson Of The Planning And Construction Subcommittee In Tel Aviv-Yafo
2013-2021: Member Of The Planning And Building Subcommittee In Tel Aviv-Yafo

2016-2019: Director Of "Dexia Israel Bank"

2016-2019: Member Of The Board Of Directors Of Ariel Sharon Park Ltd. (Ayalon Park) (Chairperson Of The Audit Committee)

2015-2018: Member Of The Safari Board Of Directors (Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Zoological Center Ltd.)

2014-2020: Member Of The Yarkon River Authority Council

2014-2019: Member Of The Board Of Directors Of The Israel Exhibition And Convention Center (Expo Tel Aviv)

2009-2019: Member Of The Board Of Directors Of Ganei Yehoshua (Hayarkon Park).

2009-2012: Member Of The Board Of The Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv

2006-2008: CEO Of “Tnu La'hayot Lihyot” (Let The Animals Live) Association

1994-2001: Advisor To The Minister Of Economy And The Minister Of Religions (1994-1996),
Parliamentary Adviser To Knesset Members Avraham (“Baiga”) Shochat (1996-1999)
And Uzi Baram (1999-2001)

2006: Master Of Laws (LL.M.), Bar Ilan University
2004: Bachelor Of Laws (LL.B.), Ono Academic College

2004: Certification To Practice Law – Member Of The Israel Bar Association

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